Give your child an advantage by letting him try the mysteries of mathematics. The basics need to be learned from the early years, and this can be done much easier than ever through these fun games. Primary maths is simple and easy to understand, and we come to the aid of parents through this dedicated maths learning website.

The most popular math games are selected and presented for free here for parents and children around the world. We make sure that children's interaction with applications is educational and easy to understand. We only have primary and elementary games for children in the field of mathematics. Addition and subtraction are the most important elements that a child needs to know and with which he should begin to understand mathematics. Once he manages to master these operations, he will be able to try more, such as multiplication and division. Mathematics is an exact science, and its repeated practice brings improvements.
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Learn Primary Math With Addition And Subtraction Games

Here you will find a selection of interactive games with which you can learn to add and subtract numbers in a pleasant way.

addition game
Practice addition to win the jet ski race against other players.
addition game
Compete against students around the world while playing.
tug team addition
Play tug of war with multiplayer about addition and learn.
koala karts counting
Practice counting with koala karts and have fun with friends.
jumping chicks counting
An easy way to learn to count with these cute chickens.
puppy canoe addition
Play and see which one is better at addition operations.
skateboard pups math
Play game with addition and subtraction to solve problems.
spider integer addition
Practice adding and subtracting integers with rational numbers.
sailboat subtraction
Play game for grade 1 to 3 with fun math operations.
determine fractions
Determine fractions with pizza pandas in a real multiplayer..
ducky subtraction
Earn points and unlock characters with ducky game.
subtraction game
Island chase will let you play against other real players.

Play Math Games - Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and division is harder, but with the help of these educational games it will be much easier for you to learn.

multiplication game
Learn to multiply two digit numbers using this penguins.
multiplication game
It is a game for grade 3 to 5 with some nice operations.
division game
Practice division with pony race and multiplayer score.
multiplication game
Solve some problems with variables and exponents.
multiplication game
Easy learn multiplication with fun game like meteor.
multiplication game
Play against other players and learn multiplication online.
division game
You play agains 4 players while learn division online.
algebra game
Martian hoverboard will help you learn algebra more easy.
multiplication game
Race against each other while practicing multiplication online.
multiplication game
Another multiplayer math game in which you can learn math.
division game
Defense your base with divide and multiply solved problems.
division game
Practive division inside this derby division game.

Primary Math Games For Kids

Primary math is elementary math for preschool children, also called early mathematics, in which there are subjects learned since kindergarten. The main subjects in primary math are tools and concepts that provide an easy basis for learning mathematics, such as counting, measuring and comparing basic numbers. A major support in learning primary mathematics are these interactive games in which children can learn various skills in the field of mathematics.

Numbers and counting

Numbers, whether Roman or Arabic, are basic elements of mathematics. Numbers are classified into different categories, but the key is to understand the main elements and mathematical concepts. For starters, counting is the first habit a child learns, which teaches them the order of numbers and their importance. In order to be able to count, you can approach different teaching methods that can vary from one teacher to another. One of the easiest ways to learn is to count objects, which can be found in the games on this website. As you learn to count, you will be able to move on to addition and subtraction. For starters, it is enough to use objects and add an extra element to the counters.


Once the child has learned the main numbers, you can move on to the other elements of primary math such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, which are also part of this category of primary math. Arithmetic and algebra are also present, but at a high level of understanding of mathematics. Depending on the child's abilities, you can try to go through these basic exercises.

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