Addition is a very important concept. It is an ability that you need in life, especially when it comes to solving complicated equations or amounts of money. This is why we want to share with you some of the ways we can help kids learn the basics of addition.

Addition! The all-knowing and all-powerful addition. It makes everything better. And it can help kids learn to solve everyday problems, like how to make a sandwich or tie their shoes. Addition helps your child learn how to master their world.


Addition is a fundamental math skill that’s essential for understanding long division, counting money, and making other simple calculations. Here are some tips for how to learn addition for kids—and how to add up!

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Addition Games

Addition is the most fundamental math skill. At a young age kids are learning how to add two numbers, and this is a very important skill that they will need later in life. Fun, simple games help them practice adding and subtracting numbers. These games can be played individually or as a group. The best way to learn addition is to get the right tools! The Addition Toolset includes everything you need: a game, flashcards, and more. And best of all? It’s all free!
Addition for kids is a fun and very easy way to teach your child how to add. Addition is one of the first math topics your child will encounter. It’s easy to learn, but you want to make sure your child is using it as a foundation for more complex math concepts (like division). Addition is the process of counting, adding, and collecting—also called making up numbers. Addition is important for learning math facts, such as those that deal with numbers in each column adjacent to other numbers.
If you are looking to learn your first addition, this website is perfect for helping you do so. It features complete games and activities, clear descriptions and pictures, videos, and hands-on processes that make learning to add fun!

addition game
Practice addition to win the jet ski race against other players.
addition game
Compete against students around the world while playing.
tug team addition
Play tug of war with multiplayer about addition and learn.
koala karts counting
Practice counting with koala karts and have fun with friends.
jumping chicks counting
An easy way to learn to count with these cute chickens.
puppy canoe addition
Play and see which one is better at addition operations.
skateboard pups math
Play game with addition and subtraction to solve problems.
spider integer addition
Practice adding and subtracting integers with rational numbers.

Learn Addition With Math Games

Addition for kids is an excellent way for your child to learn how to add up simple numbers. To get started, select which number of objects you would like to add together. Then begin the game by clicking on 1 and then continue on adding until there are no more numbers in the container or the timer has run out. In this addition games, how to learn addition for kids, we use the same operand type multiple times. You will not see this behavior in a computer program as it would crash.

Addition is a basic math skill that helps children understand number relationships. It develops the ability to link addition with subtraction, and apply addition to problems involving quantities and a variety of values. Kids can also learn about subtraction as an extension of this skill by counting backwards from 10 plus another number.

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