The duck race will motivate you to be better at math subtraction operations when competing with other children or against the computer. The subtraction operations are as simple as possible for the primary class, with numbers up to 10 that can be easily understood. This way you will develop the speed with which you calculate the numbers.

addition game
Practice addition to win the jet ski race against other players.
addition game
Compete against students around the world while playing.
tug team addition
Play tug of war with multiplayer about addition and learn.
koala karts counting
Practice counting with koala karts and have fun with friends.

Play Ducky Race Subtraction Game

You will be one of the 12 competing rats in the race to win. Perform the drop operations as fast as possible to overtake the other competitors. The competition is tight, and you have to answer correctly to promote, every mistake is penalized, and your duckling will be pulled back. By repeating this game you will be better and better at these math operations and the results will be visible.

jumping chicks counting
An easy way to learn to count with these cute chickens.
puppy canoe addition
Play and see which one is better at addition operations.
skateboard pups math
Play game with addition and subtraction to solve problems.
spider integer addition
Practice adding and subtracting integers with rational numbers.

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